Project LIFT - Structure

1. Curation

2. Selection

3. Distribution

Title Curation Based on Criteria


A typical Project LIFT program begins with title curation. These collections are built using numerous criteria and the possibilities are wide-ranging. This work is done by our Bedford Falls team in cooperation with clients. When creating our collections, word volume, word complexity, subject matter, and interest level are just a few of the criteria taken into consideration.

Self Selection for Students


We feel strongly that self-selection is the most advantageous, and research agrees. In fact, research indicates that the best programs for improving literacy allow students to select their own books. We feel the extra effort required to provide this opportunity is well worth it.

First, we work with educators to determine the best time and place to make the selection racks available to the students. A typical program consists of 6 pre-designed racks containing approximately 50 titles each. The books contained on these racks are display copies only but give the child an opportunity to browse among approximately 300 titles.

Students select the allotted number of titles in their program with the help of their teacher and scan their selections, which are sent to Bedford Falls at the end of the browsing period.

Distribution, Delivery & Set Up


Once all selections have been received by Bedford Falls, our team gathers, packs, and ships each student’s books to the school in student-specific packaging. The school or organization then distributes the books at a time and manner of their own choosing. We are aware of the many demands experienced by educators and our programs are designed to alleviate as much labor as possible. In addition to the front-end planning phase, our trained program facilitators deliver, set up, and pick up all onsite equipment and supplies.