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PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together

PAWS: Gabby Gets It Together

Best fifth grade friends Gabby Jordan, Priya Gupta, and Mindy Park are different in many ways – personalities, hobbies, family and more – but they have a few important things in common. They are all in the same class, they absolutely love animals, and for a variety of reasons, none of them can actually have any pets. No longer able to resist the temptation to have animals around, the girls decide to come up with a way to finally get their hands on some furry friends. It seems that their neighborhood is in need of some afterschool dog walkers and like that, PAWS (Pretty Awesome WalkerS) is born! But it turns out that running a business is harder than it looks, especially with three co-owners who are such different people. The girls soon begin arguing about everything from how to prioritize their commitments to the best way to keep their doggy clients happy. When their fighting ultimately leads to a doggy crisis, will it tear their business and friendship apart? A perfect choice for pet lovers who are dealing with the challenges of non-furry friends as well.


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