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Middle schooler Jorge “George” Rivera, a Puerto-Rican American student, just wants to stay under the radar until he can get into a popular high school magnet school. When the principal calls him in to talk about the middle school community service requirement, Jorge finds out that the administrator wants him to serve as the translator for four “students like you” who are primarily Spanish language speakers as they fulfill the school’s service hours requirement. The principal may see them all as very much alike, but George soon realizes how different they are. The tough-seeming Dayara is Cuban, Miguel is a Dominican jock, rich kid Nico is Venezuelan, and Sara, a loner, is Mexican. Aware that most of the school sees them as simply five Spanish-speaking kids, the students are much more than the assumptions of others. When they meet a local unhoused family that really needs their help, they must each decide whether they are willing to step out, using their unique talents to make a difference or will remaining invisible be the best way to survive middle school. With English and Spanish text incorporated throughout, this graphic novel about friendship, community and teamwork highlights the uniqueness of each person and the dangers of making assumptions about people based on first impressions. A must have for middle grade classrooms!


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