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Growing Pangs

Growing Pangs

Katie, who struggles with anxiety and OCD tendencies, knows there’s stuff that makes her different. She’s homeschooled, she has freckles, and her teeth are really crooked. But none of those things matter to her best friend from her home-school coop, Kacey. When the girls arrive at summer camp, however, Kacey begins to branch out and make new friends, getting close to a cool, self-assured girl named Delaney. Katie has a hard time coping with the changes in their relationship, constantly worrying about starting sixth grade, getting braces, and finding friends. She knows that tapping three times or opening and closing a drawer won’t make everything better, but sometimes it helps stop the worrying. Is something wrong with her and will anyone want to be friends with her if they find out? A sensitive look at tween anxiety based on the author’s own experiences.


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