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At home, ten year old Maggie seems to be the odd one out. Her parents are busy with work and getting ready for a new baby and her younger twin brothers have each other to play with. Maggie loves animals and believes the puppy her parents have promised as a birthday present will be the friend she has been longing for. However, the much anticipated trip to the animal shelter ends with Maggie itching, sneezing, and breaking out in hives. Turns out she is allergic to anything with fur or feathers. A puppy is out of the question and she even has to go for allergy shots! To make things even worse, Maggie’s new neighbor and potential best friend has just gotten a puppy! When she discovers that a classmate named Sebastian also deals with allergies, Maggie may have finally found someone she can relate to. A story of family and friendship that lots of allergy affected readers will understand!


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