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Wild River

Wild River

As part of a school leadership project, rising sixth grader Daniel is chosen to go whitewater rafting in Montana with four classmates. Deke is a determined bully, unwilling to work with others and relentlessly taunting them. Tony is something of a friendly follower and unfortunately seems to attach himself to Deke. Mia is a natural leader and Imani is a reserved girl who initially keeps her distance from the others. Quiet and shy, Daniel isn’t sure why he has been chosen for this experience but welcomes a chance to get some space from his three younger brothers. When the counselors discover that the intended river has gone dry, they change course and set up camp a hundred miles away. Daniel is fast asleep on the first night when he’s awakened by screams. The dam has failed. The river is surging and their camp will be under water very soon. As the river rises, the kids scramble to higher ground. They are separated from the counselors and left with only a backpack of emergency supplies. When disagreements about what to do next immediately erupt among the group, Deke and Tony take the backpack and head off on their own. The other three resolve to do whatever it takes to get to safety, even if it means confronting the dangerous bully and his sidekick. Can they win the battle with nature or will none of them emerge alive? A gripping survival story filled with fast-paced adventure and moments of true bravery!


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