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These Unlucky Stars

These Unlucky Stars

Ever since her mother left a few years ago, Annie has felt like the odd one out in her family. Her dad, who runs the hardware store in their small North Carolina town, and older brother are practical and organized. They just don’t seem to understand the way she thinks and everywhere she turns, she feels like an outsider. When a dare finds her on the steps of an elderly neighbor, Annie’s actions result in the old lady falling and breaking her arm. “Sentenced” to help Gloria as she heals, Annie must also help take care of the eccentric woman’s scraggly dog, Otis. Her love of drawing and design may provide her only real comfort, and helping to make floats for the town’s upcoming festival, an effort to bring tourists to the failing businesses in the community, may be an opportunity to find a new friend as well. As she helps sort through the old pictures and newspaper clippings in Gloria’s house, Annie begins to realize that there is much about the elderly lady that she has to learn. Can this unlikely friendship be the thing that saves them both in the end? A heartwarming tale of finding worth in yourself and those around you, regardless of age and situation.


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