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The Elephant's Girl

The Elephant's Girl

Seven years ago, the biggest tornado in Nebraska history hit the Lexington Zoo. A little girl, just five years old, was found near an animal enclosure, protected from the storm by an elephant named Nyah. With no trace of family, the girl was named Lexington Willow and grew up at the zoo with Roger, the man who found her and became her foster father, and fellow zoo resident and friend, Fisher. Now that she is old enough, Lexington can’t wait to help with the elephant training. On her first day, she receives a telepathic message from Nyah that sets her off on an adventure to get some answers about her past. Soon Lex is wrapped up in a quest that involves ghosts, lost treasure, and a puzzle that might be the key to finding her family. Can she summon the courage to discover who she really is and why the tornado brought her here all those years ago? A magical adventure about a girl with a mysterious connection to the elephant who saved her life.


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