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The Bigfoot Files

The Bigfoot Files

The Loch Ness Monster. The Frogman. Bigfoot. Twelve year old Miranda Cho used to believe in it all, poring over every strange footprint and stray hair to prove her mother’s conviction that the world is full of undiscovered wonders. But that was before her mother’s obsession with monsters cost Miranda her friends, and threatened her straight A school record and the chance to attend a special leadership camp in Washington DC over the summer. When she finds a stack of unpaid bills and notices of foreclosure in a kitchen drawer, Miranda realizes that her mother’s monster-hunting may be more than embarrassing – it may be irresponsible and cost them everything. Miranda agrees to go on one last creature hunt, determined to use all of her scientific know-how to prove to her mother, once and for all, that Bigfoot isn’t real. Then her mother will have no choice but to grow up and get a real job, one that will pay the mortgage as well as the summer leadership camp. When their van breaks down and this last trip goes awry, however, will Miranda be the one forced to question everything she believes? A captivating tale of the “what if” for middle grade readers.


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