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Take Back the Block

Take Back the Block

Wes Henderson has the title of “Best Dressed” at his school. Defending that honor, hanging with his best friends, and playing video games are what he wants to be thinking about as sixth grade approaches, not the protests his community activist parents are always dragging him to. But when a powerful real estate developer begins making offers to purchase the homes in his neighborhood of Kensington Oaks, including the one Wes’s mother grew up in and that his grandfather saved for 10 years to purchase, Wes realizes that big changes may be happening. His friend Mya has already moved to a more upscale area and Kari, another friend, had to move away when the developer bought the apartment building where he lived. The grownups and the kids are all arguing about whether the purchase offers are an opportunity for residents to get the money to move to more upscale neighborhoods or the vehicle to destroy a thriving, close-knit community. When Wes decides he isn’t willing to give up the only home he’s ever known without a fight, he struggles to find a way that he can save Kensington Oaks. This probing look at the complex topic of gentrification and its ever-present reality in many low-income neighborhoods is a must-read for readers concerned about the changing social landscape in many communities. A powerful testament to the difference one kid can make when he commits to do so!


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