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Power of Flight: a Pick-Your-Path Adventure

Power of Flight: a Pick-Your-Path Adventure

This first in a series that allows the reader, who operates as the protagonist, to explore the myriad routes available to navigate the recently acquired superpower of flight. As part of the Summer Science Academy the protagonist is attending, there is a center for avian science. When the class gets split up into pairs, the main character follows his partner, an aloof girl named Alex, into a restricted area where they discover a mysterious silver-feathered bird. After the bird scratches the main character’s hand, he develops a fever and wakes up the next day with the ability to fly. Will the reader use this new ability for good or evil? Will you team up with the villainous Dr. Zeus who created the bird and take over the world or choose another path? A book with endless story lines, all determined by the choices the reader makes!


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