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Maya and the Robot

Maya and the Robot

Maya, a black, science-loving fifth grader, is having a tough start to the school year. Her two best friends are in a different class for the first time since kindergarten and they have Ms. Montgomery, the super cool teacher who plays bass guitar and does science experiments in her classroom. Maya has the super strict Ms. Rodriguez along with the bully Zoe Winters. Maya feels lonely, left out and shy at school, but things begin to look up when she discovers Ralph, a barrel-bodied robot, in the back closet of Mr. Mac’s neighborhood store where she helps out. Ralph was the unfinished pet project of Mr. Mac’s son and the store owner agrees to let Maya have him. Throwing herself into figuring out how Ralph works using notes left by Christopher, Maya teaches her amazing new companion to walk, talk, and help with chores. Ralph doesn’t always execute every command perfectly, however, and his appearance at the school science fair may be just the opportunity that the jealous Zoe has been waiting for to sabotage all of Maya’s scientific success. A terrific choice for STEM lovers who want a heartwarming and curious main character to love!


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