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In the Red

In the Red

Michael Prasad lives with his family inside a biodome on Mars. Panic attacks, however, have kept him from getting his space suit certification and he hasn’t been allowed out on the surface of the planet. Aware of the dangers of venturing out alone and forbidden by his parents to do so, Michael decides to try and pass the certification test again. Frustrated by a second failure to pass, he decides to take a chance to prove himself. His friend Lilith shows him a secret airlock and the two sneak out onto the surface. They steal a rover and head out to the magnetic field station to surprise Michael’s dad. As they venture miles from the safety of the colony, however, a massive solar flare knocks out all communication and navigation systems, leaving the two with little food or water and a quickly depleting oxygen supply. The flare has also damaged the magnetic field that protects Mars from the sun’s deadly radiation. The friends, having crashed the rover, must head out on foot to find the field station with only Michael’s knowledge of navigation in a race against time if they are to survive. A captivating science fiction adventure that will keep readers on the edge of their seats.


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