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Hope Springs

Hope Springs

Sixth grader Jubilee has lived with her grandmother, Nan, since she was four and her mother took off to become a country singer. Nan likes to move around so she and Jubilee have lived in lots of towns. The one constant in the eleven year old’s life has been the crafting show The Queen of Neat, and its star host, Arletta Paisley. Arletta grew up in Hope Springs, Texas so when Nan announces it’s time to move again, Jubilee does her best to make sure that the small town is their next location. Jubilee befriends Abby, the daughter of the mayor and a lover of all things fishing, and gets a part-time job at a fabric store where her organizational skills are direly needed, getting quilting lessons from the owner as well. Jubilee is ecstatic when she learns that Arletta is coming to Hope Springs as the spokesperson of a new big-box store being built in a nearby town. Her enthusiasm isn’t shared by many of the small business owners, however, who fear their survival is in peril. As she is drawn into the town’s plans for a festival to highlight the features of Hope Spring, Jubilee begins to appreciate the relationships she is forming with the town’s residents. With the help of her new friends and the one person she thought she’d never need – her mother – will Jubilee find a way to save the town she’s come to love and convince Nan it is finally time to settle down? A heart-warming story with characters that will work their way into your heart to stay!


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