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Good Dog, McTavish

Good Dog, McTavish

When the mother in the Peachy family decides she’s had enough of being the one solely responsible for cleaning, cooking and keeping the family on schedule, she abandons her role and takes up yoga. With no one to fix the meals, do the laundry or get the children to school on time, the family descends into squabbling and squalor. Betty, the youngest, is wise enough to realize the family is in need of rescue and believes that adopting a dog will help her feel less lost, lonesome and lacking in love. Enter McTavish, a rescue dog who, true to his mission, is ready to teach this family some new tricks and soon has the family doing laundry and cooking healthy meals. Getting the Peacheys to behave will take work but if anyone can do it, McTavish can. A delightful look at a family and dog meant for each other that will appeal to younger elementary readers.


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