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Clean Getaway

Clean Getaway

When G’ma pulls up to Scoob Lamar’s house in a brand-new Winnebago and invites him on a cross-country adventure, the biracial twelve year old leaves a note for his dad and jumps in. Despite not knowing where they are going, Scoob is a willing wingman, hoping to salvage his spring break and escape his strict single dad for a few days. As they cross from Georgia into Alabama and G’ma keeps avoiding taking his father’s calls however, Scoob begins to get suspicious. When she lets him see the contents of her once off-limits treasure box which includes a 1963 edition of The Green Book, Scoob understands that this trip means much more to his grandmother than he realized. As they talk along the road, the boy learns more about the grandfather he never met and the the interracial couple’s 1963 road trip. Is G’ma simply recreating this decades old vacation or is it much more than that? Rich in history, the author’s middle grade debut both entertains and informs readers about our country’s complex past.


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